5E: Base Set of Rules that Cover Entire Breadth of D&D's History

Greg Tito has a new article up at The Escapist about 5E. I've been enjoying his coverage of D&D quite a bit lately.

Here is a quote from Mike Mearles

This project has one goal - to create a base set of rules that cover the entire breadth of D&D's history," said Mike Mearls, the head of Dungeons & Dragons development. "We want a game that anyone who has played any version of D&D can recognize as D&D and find the things that drew them into the hobby celebrated and supported.

Nothing like being ambitious eh?

I signed up for the beta testing program at http://wizards.com/dndnext (that link works now by the way). How about you? I read some great tweets from @AngryDM today. 

So, you can bitch and piss and moan and start edition wars and talk about why you hate WotC or D&D or 4E or 3E or whatever...

... if you do the bitchy pissy moany thing instead of the honest constructive thing, you're saying you care more about hating D&D than D&D.

So put your time where your mouth is if you are an "edition wars kind of person" and If you care about any version of D&D its time to put up or shut up people. Let's get what we want out of this. The folks at Wizards want to know what we think. Let's do this thing.