D&D Dads Crazy Fitness Dad Incites RPG community


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You guys Rock!

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Posted by tyrwench on Sat, 04/02/2011 - 01:13
Gaming and fitness....

I guess to be compliant with the stereotype, we should have all of our podcasts and recorded RPG game sessions scrubbed of any references to kick-boxing, dieting competition, martial arts practice, hunting/fishing/outdoorsmanship, nutrition, child rearing concerns, children playing outside, dance recitals, healthcare legislation and its impact on society. 

These are just the things off of the top of my head that have been random topics of conversation within our gaming group during the social interaction known as roleplaying or podcasting.  I am sure there are many others but this short list summarizes the 30 or so gaming/podcasting interactions I have had with the Lords of Tyr.  To me this seems to be a disproportionate number of topics that fly in the face of "Parents who Play RPG's are Leading their Children into a hell of Obesity and Poor Health".

Oh well...just my 2 cents thrown in.  (you probably need to round that down to 1 cent...devaluation and whatnot)



Posted by rook103 on Thu, 03/31/2011 - 08:56
What? Balance?

That is just crazy. Everyone knows that people who enjoy a hobby are rabid extremists that are a danger to themselves and others. Only people who do nothing are safe to bring your children around and point to as examples of the highest ideals of humanity.


Posted by Chadarius on Sun, 04/03/2011 - 16:28
My favorite quick response

My favorite response to this ccontroversy simply pointed out that if you replaced RPGs with reading, few people would encourage you to keep your child from reading simply because it is a sedentary activity.  I wish I could remember who said this in my Twitter stream to give them the proper credit.

I also think it is not fair to say that all gaming groups are uninterested in healthy eating or fitness.  I have found that gamers are a more diverse group than most people give us credit for being.  All sorts of people play RPGs and they each have their own attitude on health and fitness.

Of course it is important for parents to instill healthy attitudes in their children.  Frankly, it probably wouldn't hurt to make sure healthy food and snack options are available at the games your children participate in either.  

In the end though, I don't think gaming is inherently unhealthy any more than being an avid reader is.

Posted by A Hero on Wed, 03/30/2011 - 09:43
Forget reading...try baseball.

Hell replace RPGs with baseball if you want.  Do you know how sedentary baseball is?  I mean you would think not, but watch an inning of play and look critically at exactly what the ratio of activity vrs waiting (either for the ball to be in play or on the bench) actually occurs.

I know I used to play.  Look at it this way.  30 people to a team.  During an inning of play you either have 21 or 29 of them sitting on the bench.  The pitcher/batter/catcher have a few seconds of activity during the pitch/swing/catch cycle and then there is the waiting again.  If the ball is in play there may be a minute of activity.  How about that...and that is a SPORT!

Football...even worse.

Basketball/hockey a little bit better, but you still have the majority of the team on the bench at any given period



Posted by rook103 on Thu, 03/31/2011 - 09:04