Geek's Dream Girl DNDNext First Glimpse

Geek's Dream Girl has a "First Glimpse" of the new edition of D&D from DDXP.

Monte wants to distill down what’s best about all the editions of D&D. He also mentioned the importance of the DM/player relationship; it’s a core part of the game that the player and DM should be able to communicate and be creative together. Also, fireballs.

Her DM was none other than Monte Cook!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed my silence for the next few hours. Here’s why:

  1. Monte Cook. Srsly, do I need more reasons?
  2. I couldn’t publish any crunchy details about the game, including any pics that might show character sheets. (Sorry!)
  3. Our game was pretty freakin’ awesome.

It is a great write up. Go read it now!