Sales Stats: Wizards vs Paizo


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Another thing to consider is

Another thing to consider is what happens when Paizo starts bumping up against the "Complete book of halfling breakfasts" book line and decides to put out a PFRP 2.0.

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Managing Change is Tough for "book" publishers

You are so correct. All of these hard to change dead tree games make it really difficult to revise and upgrade.

Its one of the fascinating things about all the new "Essentials" books from Wizards, that are providing very different takes on character classes originally published in earlier books. They aren't "retconning" things and erasing the old versions of the fighter or wizard per say. They are just adding new visions of them that might appeal to different kinds of players. I suppose that is why the Essentials updates don't feel like the 3.0 to 3.5 transition to me. It is a subtler transition.

Both companies undertake huge projects updating their game. They risk a great deal by changing large sections of the game.

I wonder how World of Warcraft's model of changing their game, because it is digital and there is no going back to the old days, would effect how Wizards or Paizo updates their games.

For instance, is the 4e framework flexible enough to handle a 5th edtion that is 100% compabitle with 4E?

If I were these companies I'd be looking at a more fully fleshed out digital solution that would allow them to keep updating the game in smaller ways over time, along with more major releases that are content based and not as much rule based like some of the MMORPG's that are out there. It is less painful to change a little bit all the time than to change all at once every 5 or 6 years.

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