Friday Oct. 1st Facebook Movie Nite Out

We're going out! Chad really wants to see The Social Network (Facebook movie). Sorry it's not a Gamer/Geek/D&D/Comic Book relate movie directly.


Tickets go on sale Tuesday September 28th.

We'll get tickets for the closets show to 7:30pm (So is there is a 7:00pm do that one, but if there is the choice between like 6:45pm and 8:00pm do the later one)

Because they don't have showtimes out yet!

That link goes to the "Now showing page" Go there on Tuesday

That link goes to the "Tickets" page also go there on Tuesday

Red Box Released and D&D Website Gets a Makeover

The new Redbox has been released. Amazon has mine in transit! I'm excited to find out what it is like on Sept. 9th when it arrives. Its release seems to coincide with the refresh of the Wizards D&D website (I still like to get there using The D&D tools have a much improved location and presentation, which is probably the most often used part of the website for me.

Redbox is also timed to hit the streets just before World Wide D&D Game Day on Sept 11th. I'm intrigued to sink my teeth into it and see first hand what the changes and updates are really like. 

There is also a new page (at least new to me!) for young readers and players here. The Lords and Ladies of Tyr are going to be playing the Heroes of Hesiod on Saturday Sept 11th. Tune in right here on Saturday night for a live uStream link, or watch it later from our uStream video feed.

Sad News. Last Podcast Didn't Record Properly

I'm very sad to say that the last podcast didn't record properly. It was fine through the middle of the first topic (A really awesome one about female gaming!). Then the rest of the wave file was just soft static.

I'm implementing a new recording procedure along with some new hardware. This should allow me to track things better in case something goes wrong. Before I would periodically check that the wave file was growing in size. Which in this case it did. It just recorded a whole lot of nothing in the process. Now I have a Belkin iPod studio that will let me record directly to my iPod and to the PC at the same time. All the while I'll be able to monitor that volume levels are correct and thus knowing that audio is flowing into the recordings being made. 

The really funny thing is that this was our 2008 Blooper clip show. I guess we'll have our first one for 2009 now. *Sigh*

Confessions of a Full-Time Geek's WIfe

Okay!  I confess ... since October I have not only been providing food & spirits for the Lord's of Tyr (Chad's Dungeons & Dragons -DnD- group), but I have been playing with them as well.  I confess once more . . . I like to play!  I only wish there was a nother geek girl that I could relate to that was part of the group.  Don' tell my best friend.  She might just disown me!  (But I hope not for real)

Anyway, amidst my initiation into DnD I have also been a member of the Podcast that occurs twice a month on off game nights.  Last time I provided a topic about some research that is being gathered by some RGP chicas that are going to write an RPG book for women.  The only one to date is Confessions of a Part-time Sorcerouss

 I am in the middle of reading it (and re-reading Harry Potter VI again).  And it's quite good.  Anyway, in case their are other RPGers of the female variety whom catch our family website or the Lord's of Tyr website I wanted to share geeksdreamgirl with you!  She's curently got a poll out there for what class type you think President Obama is.  Vote now!  Just don't tell my best friend, Michelle!

Female Gamers Survey and a New Chick's RPG Book

So I submitted somthing and took the survey for the Stupid Ranger and Geek's Dream Girl project THE book telling the tales of girl gamers from around the world.  This is what I told them!  Listen to the podcast  20090118 when it's up to find out more

Lords of Tyr - Lords-of-Tyr-D&D-Podcast-016

Lords in attendance: Rob, Stephanie, Chad, Mike

Topic 1: Christmas

Submitted by Rob and Chad

Its almost Christmas! What are your favorite Christmas specials/movies? What Christmas specials/movies do you revile? How about your favorite Dr Who Christmas special (The Christmas Invasion, Runaway Bride, Voyage of the Damned, or other)?

Topic 2: Manual of the Planes

Submitted by Chad

The great wheel is gone! ... Or is it? The new 4e book Manual of the Planes is released. This will obviously have a huge effect on our Elemental game. Has anyone seen the book yet? What do you think of the supposed simpler scheme?

Breaking Up is Hard to do... If you want to leave D&DI that is!

I'm an avid reader of The Consumerist. Its a great consumer advocacy site that I can personally say has saved me quite a lot of dough over the last few years. It has also bolstered my inner "Captain Consumer" so I am more apt to stand up for my rights should the need arise.

I was surprised to find an article about Dungeons and Dragons today. But then again, maybe I shouldn't be all that surprised.  Its always amazing how easy companies make signing up for services online. Its even more amazing (or sad... or both) how difficult some companies make trying to cancel services afterwards. Wizards, as we have documented on our site, has a pretty terrible record of being able to actually run their web site properly. Evidently this is also the case with login pages that would allow you to cancel your account. I tried the "instructions" that were given in the forums and I got the same error.

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Vala of the Forest (for Chad's game)

Forest Warden:  I'm just part of the Whorlwood.  But I'm its leaves, its branches, its trunk, its roots.  I regard myself as part of the natural world and as a Primal Guardian I am part of the natural world which nurtures and protects the rest.  I strive against dangers both mundane, like the pesky woodcutter, as well as magical.  I ventured away from my precious woodland on a quest for truth.  As much as a right of passage as a journey toward knowing my fullest self.

This is only the second time I have been so far from my homeland, Birchwood, as I had chance to visit the Feywild with my mentor.  Birchwood is a and elven village which borders Summer Kingdom.  It is small and secluded though does have a friendly export relationship with Summer Kingdom and its courts. However, I still l feel a constant itch within me, one that I cannot seem to satisfy; though it slackens as I wander nearer the trees as I am able.

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