No Podcast this week due to the 4th of July Weekend

I just wanted everyone to know that we took this weekend off from the podcast. But don't worry! We'll be back in two weeks as usual! The topics we already have scheduled are going to be amazing!

I'm sick of reading the B.S that "4e doesn't focus enough on role-playing".

<rant>I've been reading up on lots of blogs about 4e lately. Its fun to see how people are viewing the game. In general, I think that our Lords of Tyr group ranges from neutral to highly positive when it comes to 4e. I've noticed a lot of posts out there in the blogesphere that complain about how 4e is too much like an MMORPG and is totally focused on hack'n slash and not enough on role-playing.

What a load of rubbish! Do you need rules to give your character a personality? Do you need rules to interact with the DM and the other players in fun and entertaining ways? Do you need rules to ask the DM about what kind of people are in a local inn and then interact with them? No! Here is rule number one for all you players out there. You are responsible for your own role-playing.

How to be a good general manager

How to be a good general manager -

This posts is a commentary that expands on, adds to, and slightly disagrees with a great post from Patrick Benson from Gnome Stew: GM means “General Manager”.

The Game Master handles a lot of boring stuff non-game related tasks

Patrick makes a good point: the game master has a lot of responsability between games. Since these tasks can make or break a game I chose to expand on his ideas about approaching and handling these tasks.

Getting the Band Back Together

Although there are great planning tools like Google Calendar and e-mail, the single best way to get everyone back together is to talk to everyone. Multiple times.

What happens when you cross Microsoft and Wizards Technology?

I'm not quite sure, but having

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... on your web site is genearlly not a good thing right?

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Lords of Tyr - Lords-of-Tyr-D&D-Podcast-005

Lords of Tyr Topics 20080625

Wed June 25th at 8pm

Lords in Attendance: Brian (aka DLOB), Chad (aka Chadarius and podcast moderator), Mike (aka bronz1369), and TJ  (aka HiredGoon).

Topic 1: The First DNDI Tool, The D&D Compendium, is Released!

Submitted by Rob and Mike
What do you think of the first piece of the puzzle that is DNDI? (This isn't going to be good! *Cringe*)

Topic 2: Amazon Shipping Delays?

Submitted by Brian
Who has their books already? Who doesn't? Where did you order from?
Amazon Customer Service 1 866-216-1072

Topic 3: GSL Is Released

Lords of Tyr - Lords-of-Tyr-D&D-Podcast-004

Welcome to the Lords of Tyr D&D Podcast!

We are a Dungeons and Dragons gaming group that has been meeting twice a month since 2002. We now stream our game nights live on the Internet using uStream. Check out our site at for more information

Lords in Attendance: Rob (aka Lólindir Inglorion), Brian (aka DLOB), Todd (aka ToddSmith), Chad (aka Chadarius and podcast moderator) and TJ  (aka HiredGoon).

Topic 1: D&D 4E H1 First Experience!

  1. What did you think of the various powers?  Any favorites?  Do you like the fact that powers pretty much replace basic attacks?

fun with legos

just had this passed on to me from a family member, thought those who travel the site might get a giggle

it's from a group called emerald rose, & their site is here

for those that might want to research further.

enjoy the silliness all ^_^

The Worlds Most Expensive 20-side Die

This is the coolest die ever. Evidently there are a number of these 20-sided die from ancient Rome. However, the actual use for them is unknown. Perhaps they were using them in a role-playing game called Gods & Gorgons?

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Official Recap for the June 7th Session (Special World Wide Game Day Edition)

This session we ran the second installment of the 4th Edition D&D Preview module H1: Keep on the Shadowfell.  This time we had the advantage of having the 4th Edition D&D Core Rulebooks present.  The following players (and their characters) were in attendance:

  • Brian playing Paranox (Dragonborn Paladin)
  • Chad playing Beren Carnicesir (Half-Elven Cleric)
  • Tim playing Sohzen Son of Iroh (Tiefling Warlord)
  • Mike playing Totlar Bispan (Human Infernal Warlock)

The session began at the common room of the Wrafton Inn with the group eating their (mostly liquid) breakfast.  Jane Cobb and Vicros Silvershaper were not present, as they had decided to escort their old friend and mentor Douven Staul back to his wife in town of Fallcrest.  Also, their ally Asher was severely under the weather; having drank too much the night before.  Being as this was the second such night he had over indulged since coming to Fallcrest, some members of the group were wondering if the mage might have a “problem”.

Official Game Recap for the May 24th session.

This session we ran the 4th Edition D&D Preview module H1: Keep on the Shadowfell.  The following players (and their characters) were in attendance:

•    Brian playing Paranox (Dragonborn Paladin)
•    Tony playing Jane Cobb (Dwarven Fighter)
•    Chad playing Beren Carnicesir (Half-Elven Cleric)
•    Tim playing Sohzen Son of Iroh (Tiefling Warlord)
•    John playing Vicros Silvershaper (Halfling Rogue)
•    Todd playing Asher (Human Wizard)

For sake of time the session started with the assumption that the characters already knew each other and had been on a few minor adventures together.  The group was traveling on the road from the town of Fallcrest to the town of Winterhaven.   The group was hoping to find answers in the small town to two separate problems bedeviling the group.

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