Review of H1: Keep on the Shadowfell up on A Hero Twice a Month

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know I posted a review of H1: Keep on the Shadowfell at A Hero Twice a Month.

I will also be posting a game recap here shortly, for those of you who couldn't make it or had to leave early.

Live uStream Feed for 5/24/2008 4th Ed Game

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Lords of Tyr - Lords-of-Tyr-D&D-Podcast-003

Welcome to the Lords of Tyr D&D Podcast!

We are a Dungeons and Dragons gaming group that has been meeting twice a month since 2002. We now stream our game nights live on the Internet using uStream. Check out our site at for more information

Lords in Attendance: Mike (aka bronz1369), Rob (aka Lólindir Inglorion), Brian (aka DLOB), Todd (aka ToddSmith) and Chad (aka Chadarius and podcast moderator) and Tony (aka Blueazer-Newt).


Topic 1: D&D 4E Epic Destinies

10-15 minutes – Submitted by Chad

Wizards article can be found here.

“When your character reaches 21st level, you can choose your epic destiny.

What does that mean?

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