I'm sick of reading the B.S that "4e doesn't focus enough on role-playing".


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I agree in general.  There

I agree in general.  There are only a few reasons to really want system for roleplay in my opinion.  Intimidation, haggling, interrogation, and the like come to mind.  Directly opposed challenges with real, measurable results.  That said, I think all that was adressed to my satisfaction in 4e. 

 I think that the general lack of roleplaying that happened in our own game, regrettable though it was, was understandable.  It is extremely difficult to play act a character that you do not understand well, and let's be frank... we were playing this game with almost no idea of what these characters were truely capable of (or what their foes were capable of either for that matter).  Roleplaying will certainly pick up once we all have a better handle on both the rules themselves and the capabilities of our characters in respect to the world arround them.

 Also, sometimes it's fun to kill some gnomes.  They are monsters after all.


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I would like to note...

I would like to note that Chad and Tim found many opportunities to roleplay in H1, mostly because both took the time to talk with the NPC's in the Winterhaven. 

Chad has actually had an interesting arc with one NPC who eventually became the only person he trusted in the town.  He then had the rug pulled out from under him when the goblin Splug revealed that NPC was (allegedly) in cahoots with the death cult.

That being said, I will say the following about the 4th Ed rules:

Spells and Prayers are much more combat focused.   Many open ended spell effects in previous editions are missing, especially charms and illusions.  The ones that still exist, like Command, have been boiled down to a handful of mechanical effects.

This shouldn't be too surprising, a lot of these more "complex" spells have been transitioned to rituals.  This does kind of takes them off of the table for use in combat.

Another complaint I have seen is the lack of a crafting system in 4th Edition.  While there are rules for making magic items, there are not really any for just making swords/armor/etc.  I can understand the ommision, since in most games taking time out to craft was relatively rare.  But it probably irks people designing characters like "Dwarven Smiths" not to have rules to back up their ability.

That being said I think these weaknesses will all get better over time.  I am sure we will eventually get a better variety of prayers and spells.  Heck, we are already starting to see that in the most recent Dragon issue!  I also bet we will eventually get some form of crafting rules, although I doubt we will see the return of the Crafting skill.

It would also be unfair not to mention that the Skill Challenge system can add more "crunch" to social encounters for players who require it.  It is a real improvement over previous editions where a single Bluff or Diplomacy roll had too much power.

So, that is probably a long way to say "I agree" with Chadarius.  At least on most of what he says.


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